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How Often Do You Clean Your Kitchen Grease Filters?

How Often Do You Clean Your Kitchen Grease Filters?

Our kitchens have many filters to keep the cooking smell and smoke out of the house like exhaust filter, range filter etc. These kitchen grease filter cleaning in Brisbane, kitchen walls and even stoves get greasy over time due to the long-term exposure to cooking fumes, odor, smoke and oil. We need to get it cleaned frequently because not only it looks bad but also with the passage of time these grease stains become hard to get away. 

Different methods to clean filters 
You can use many ways to clean the greasy filters according to your situation and comfort: 

  1. Cleaning for the very first time 
    You can use ammonia to get rid of stubborn grease. For this you will need a big zip-lock bag as the smell of ammonia is very unpleasant. Put the filter in bag, pour ammonia and let it sit for a whole day. Next, scrub it with liquid dish wash and wash the filter with warm water and let it dry. 
  2. Recommended if you clean the filters regularly  
    In a pot, take warm water and add 2 cups of vinegar and some liquid dishwashing soap. Place the filter in it for 30mins. Grease will get loose, scrub it and wash from both sides. Let it air dry before fixing it back. Add baking soda and liquid dish washing soap in hot water (be careful while using hot/boiling water) and then leave the greasy filter in it for at least 15mins. After that scrub the filter with your old tooth brush or any other scrubbing brush and then wash. Afterwards pat it with clean and dry kitchen towel and let it dry. Or, you can put the filter in dishwasher (only if you clean it on frequent basis), otherwise it will grease the dishwasher’s tubes or render it smelly. So, put the filter on the uppermost rack and use baking soda, strong dishwashing detergent and some vinegar as de-grease solution. 

Why do you need to clean the filters occasionally? 
Filters and kitchen surface needs regular cleaning for so many reasons. If we don’t pay attention, then it may lead to possible danger as this sticking grease can cause fire breakout. If the filters are not cleaned for too long, the performance of filters will deteriorate with time and you might have replace them earlier than expected, which will cost you money. And poor performance of filters will definitely make the in-house air dirty. So, to keep the filters working effectively for the longer period of time, we need to clean them at least once in a month. With regular maintenance and cleaning, your kitchen will have less cooking odor and less chances of building up grease. It is very necessary for safety and most importantly for easy cleaning. For more information, please log on to https://shepherdfilters.com/filter-clean

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