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Ways In Which You Can Increase Hens Party Bookings

Ways In Which You Can Increase Hens Party Bookings

Today, we can see a lot of people going for the hens parties which is why there is a rise in looking for a perfect hens function venue in Melbourne to hold the event. The traditional people are now very much interested in and looking for unique hens party ideas which has given an opportunity to target market the new audience which is why we have gathered some tips for you which can increase hens party bookings.


  1. Party Packages

If you require people to get attracted to what you are offering, you will be needing a marketing strategy for that. Same is the case for organizing a hen’s party where a market strategy is needed in order to figure out what types of events can a hens function venue is able to host. Having a range of packages and various options will allow to meet the choices of different people therefore, there’s packages should include;

  • Multi course menu tasting
  • Private dining experience
  • High tea
  • Brunch
  • Beverage package
  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is such that refers to content in terms of video making, images, blogs and overall content that we see on the internet that is aimed to promote your business or a particular idea. When it comes to hens’ party, you should consider a blog that aims to target the following;

  • Tips on throwing the best hens night
  • Themes for hens party
  • Hens night ideas

To get enough traffic on such blogs, you can publish these articles over social media where the actual crows lies at.

  1. Ad Campaigns on Facebook

The most reliable source of information in today’s time is considered to be as social media and if talking more specifically, Facebook. The advertising campaign platform option of the Facebook offers several ways in attracting your target customers who would be interested in the hen’s parties. Know that when you are planning a hen’s party, the main target market for that would be the females so plan your strategy accordingly. Once you know who exactly your target market is, you could further sub divide the market by people who are engaged, bridesmaids, people who are about to get married and people who have showed their interest in such parties.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Lastly, the final point to consider when organizing a hens party is the search engine optimization of your website, also known as the SEO. By optimizing content on the SEO of your official website will allow you to have better results on google which will give more people access to your website, hence, resulting in a high boost in the overall ranking amongst the other similar people?

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